Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 13th August

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Purple Hairstreak at the allotment this afternoon

I was just on my way back from the allotment, with a cauliflower for our tea, when I noticed a dark-looking butterfly flitting around the tops of a nearby oak tree. A quick look through my binoculars and I was easily able to confirm my suspicions – it was indeed a Purple Hairstreak! This is a scarce butterfly in Norfolk – it frequents oak trees and rarely descends to eye-level.

On an earlier walk around Felbrigg I’d re-found the family party of Spotted Flycatcher, in the shelter-belt. There was at least one adult and two juveniles – probably more. On the lake, two surprises – a female or eclipse male Mandarin at the base of the dead trees, near the viewing screen and a winter plumage Little Grebe along the edge of the reed-bed. In the reeds on the opposite side of the top sluice track, a family party of Reed Warbler and, I’m pretty sure, a family of Sedge Warbler.

Adult and juvenile Spotted Flycatcher



Adult Little Grebe in winter plumage, Felbrigg Lake – my first here since early April

IMG_6326 (1)

Reed Warbler, one of the family party, still present on the water meadow




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