Aylmerton Nature Diary

Wednesday 24th August

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Juvenile Great Crested Grebe – Felbrigg Lake

I was in the garden this afternoon doing a spot of sky watching, whist waiting for Peter to get back from Cromer. A few Swallows and House Martins were all I saw before a rather nice Buzzard drifted over the cottage. It all went quiet again until I became aware of a couple of gulls flying north west, low over the house. One was obviously a winter Black-headed Gull the other, considerably smaller, pale grey above with smokey under-wings and a bouyant almost ‘rowing like’ flight – a 1st winter Little Gull! This was a ‘patch’ tick for me and a bit of a grip-back on Mark, who had seen a superb summer plumage bird on Felbrigg Lake, earlier in the year.

We did our measuring up at the pond, courtesy of Peter’s dinghy, and returned home. We were sat in the car, talking through some of the detail of the forthcoming weekend working party, when I noticed a pale harrier sp. fly across the road. I was instantly out of the car but, fast though I was, the bird was quicker – lost to view over the houses. I quickly changed and headed down to Felbrigg in case the bird returned. It didn’t and, whilst I have my suspicions, the birds identity will remain a mystery – such is the way of birding. However, whilst down at the lake, looking for the harrier, I spotted a juvenile Great Crested Grebe on the water. The first I’ve seen at Felbrigg since the juvenile, found by Simon, last October.


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