Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 17th September

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Record shot in poor light, Wheatear, The Warren

I was out early this morning to see whether the torrential rain and wind of yesterday had grounded any migrants – I was particularly interested in the possibility of wildfowl on the lake. As I walked down the central path by the water meadow, the Barn Owl was out hunting on the far side. In the distance I could see a group of duck in the centre of the lake, unfortunately however, before I could reach them, they were disturbed by a dog-walker. As they took off and disappeared through the trees I could see that they were Teal – I counted eighteen. Later, I came across a Wigeon hidden amongst the vegetation on the water meadow.

I scanned The Warren in the vague hope that the Wheatear might still be present. I couldn’t see anything but then, as I walked across the sheep pasture, I noticed a small bird flying away with a white rump – Wheatear! I eventually found a second bird but both proved surprisingly elusive for this species. I continued walking, crossing the Weaver’s Way, over the rough grazing meadow below the dam, before returning to the The Warren, where I hoped the light would be better and that the Wheatear might have returned.  They had but it was still very overcast and I could only obtain a record shot. As I was stood there, a wader sp. came flying towards me from the Metton direction in the mist and away over towards the hall. My first impression was of a Golden Plover, but it wasn’t calling as GP’s generally do and I suspected it was something else, so I concentrated my efforts on getting a shot. By the time I’d got home and uploaded the photographs it was apparent that this definitely wasn’t a GP but a Knot – a ‘Felbrigg first’ for me and possibly an entirely new bird for the Felbrigg Estate!

Record shot of Knot, Felbrigg Hall


What a way to celebrate the AND 2nd anniversary!!


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