Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 20th November

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Dead male Tufted Duck, the exit sluice, Felbrigg Lake

The rain eased this afternoon so I took the opportunity of a walk out. There was a Water Rail calling again near the viewing screen, another at the south end of the rough grazing meadow, below the dam, and a third in the ditch immediately below the outflow channel. The Barn Owl was hunting over the rough grazing and I flushed a Meadow Pipit and four Snipe as I walked through. The wildfowl on the lake remain reasonably static, though a splendid male Shoveler was new and the Gadwall numbers have increased to 45. On the water meadow, loads of Teal still, two pairs of Wigeon and a couple more Snipe. There was a male Bullfinch and a Jay on my way back up the lane.

On my walk round, I went to investigate a report from my friend in Gresham that there was an odd looking  black bird with a short tail, dead in the lake, near to the exit sluice. Sure enough it was still there this afternoon and it did look interesting, as it lay face down in the water. However, once I’d got a stick and fished it out, it turned out to be a dead male Tufted Duck and not the Auk sp. I’d been hoping for – still, interesting all the same. Thanks Anne!



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