Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 2nd December

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 A good day for birding but not so hot for getting the shots – obscured Kingfisher!

I enjoyed a good walk around the park, late morning. It was mistling as I made my way down The Street, where the resident pair of Bullfinch were gently phewing to each other in the hedge. I took the middle path to the lake, passing by the water meadow in the process. Still plenty of Teal present, along with a good number of Mallard, a few Gadwall and a lone female Wigeon. I counted five Snipe feeding around the edge of an increasingly large body of water which, I presume, is a consequence of more rain recently and the NT leaving the boards in at the top sluice. As the water increases, so the vegetation is dying back, thank goodness. When I got to the lake I found a Water Rail feeding along the edge, near to the reed bed and I heard the Kingfisher, but couldn’t see it. I disturbed a couple more Snipe from the rough grazing and two Woodcock from cover, in a less accessible park of the park. As I reached the viewing screen a couple were watching the Mute Swan family roosting on the ‘island’. As we watched, the Kingfisher popped up and we were treated to some reasonably close and persistent views – unfortunately the bird was always partly obscured, hence the bad photo!

Distant shot of the Water Rail, feeding across the other side of the lake 



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