Aylmerton Nature Diary

Happy Christmas 2016




A very Happy Christmas and New Year to all AND readers!


2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas 2016

  1. Hi Trevor,
    Thank you for posting all your updates over the past two years or so, they’ve made me realise just what a fantastic place Felbrigg is, and I’ve visited many times as a result. However I’ve rarely had such a good sighting as today at lunchtime, when walking back from the lake towards Game Keeper’s Cottage, a powerful grey brown goshawk flew and landed at head height in the trees at the edge of the field leading down to the beck (where the glossy ibis was a few months back). It moved along the edge of the wood, perching occasionally before disappearing deep into the trees, a fantastic beginning to the Christmas holiday; and I would not have been here if it was not for your posts!
    Thank you again for your excellent blog, and have a very happy Christmas,
    Best wishes John E


    • Thanks John, I really appreciate your comments. Although AND is principally my own personalsw nature diary, I’m delighted that others find it of interest. If it encourages more people to look in their own ‘back-yard’, at the amazing nature there’s to be found there, it serves a useful purpose. I’m very envious regarding your sighting – it’s not a species I’ve ever seen in the Park – I’ll need to keep my eyes open! Just this morning I was working on the revised checklist of the Birds of Felbrigg – there’s been over 200 species recorded in Felbrigg and the adjacent parish of Aylmerton – but never Goshawk! Have a Happy Christmas and a great birding New Year.Regards, Trevor


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