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Felbeck Trust – launched today

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Today sees the official launch of Felbeck Trust. Over the past nine months we’ve been busy creating a new conservation charity for Norfolk. Here’s a brief introduction:

The main purpose of the charity is to restore and manage wildlife habitats initially around the villages of Aylmerton, Sustead and Felbrigg but operating across North Norfolk – bringing nature back to our countryside.

Felbeck Trust also promotes the use of traditional skills and materials – in preference to modern agricultural practices, and believes passionately in the value of conservation volunteering to improve community cohesion and tackle rural social isolation.

Despite appearances Norfolk’s flora and fauna is under threat. The recently published national ‘State of Nature’ report makes dismal reading, with 56% of the 8000 species surveyed in decline, the pressure being most acute at coastal and heath-land locations.      1 in 10 of those species will be lost from our shores if recent changes in land management cannot be halted. Felbeck Trust is a direct response to that challenge.

Trevor Williams, the Chair of the charity said, “last summer, having been a ‘passive worrier’ for decades, I decided to act and, together with a small group of supporters, created Felbeck Trust. We have no desire to compete with national wildlife organisations like the RSPB, National Trust or our own county Wildlife Trust, who all do an excellent job for nature – but rather, hopefully, complement their efforts. Whilst the trend amongst those organisations is to think and act bigger – conservation on a grand scale, Felbeck Trust is focused on small, local sites, which, with limited resources and support from local communities, we can rescue, improve and safeguard. These ‘pocket reserves’ then, creating important wildlife corridors or stepping-stones, connecting to the bigger sites”.

The charity is working in partnership with other Norfolk voluntary groups including: North East Norfolk Bird Club, Norfolk Rivers Trust, Norwich Men’s Shed, North Norfolk Workout Group and the Norfolk Countryside Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.

The charity is already managing two sites in North Norfolk, which it intends to open for public access, and is currently in discussions regarding other locations. For news of the latest developments, to volunteer or offer support, visit the Felbeck Trust website or follow us on Twitter @FelbeckTrust.

I truly hope that, with the creation of Felbeck Trust, we can make a positive difference to the wildlife of Aylmerton parish, Felbrigg Park and beyond..




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