Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 8th January

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Doe Roe Deer seen on my walk this morning

It has been a few days since I’ve managed to get into the park. As I made my way down The Street there was a cacophony of bird sounds coming from the shelter-belt at the edge of the village – mostly Blackbird and Chaffinch. I assumed that there must have been a Tawny Owl hidden in the canopy somewhere but I couldn’t locate it. All the paths in the park are exceptionally muddy at the moment. Judging by the water level on the water-meadows, they must have reached their mid-winter peak by now. Still lots of Teal present with a few more Gadwall and Tufted on the lake. Shoveler numbers have risen to five. Several skeins of Pink-feet flew overhead, and a Buzzard called from up in the Great Wood. There were several noisy Nuthatch as I made my way towards Sexton’s Lodge gates. Along Red Barn Lane there were plenty of Blackbirds and a few Song Thrush but not Fieldfare or Redwing still – it can’t be many weeks before they start appearing again. On Mallett’s Meadows a group of four Roe Deer remained static until my approach disturbed them and they bounded off up the track.


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