Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 10th January

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Two of the flock of seven Hawfinch, Aylmerton

On Sunday morning we were just getting in the car when I notice a small flock of finches fly into the trees at the back of my neighbours garden. I didn’t have my binoculars to hand and we were running late. Though intrigued by the birds, I dismissed them from my mind. Yesterday morning was a repeat. We were just off to Cley NWT when a group of seven birds flew into the tops of the same trees, but this time we had our binoculars and, to our utter amazement, they turned out to be Hawfinch! The birds remained in the area, probably feeding on the ground out of view, and occasionally flying up into the trees until mid-day at least. This morning a flock of five arrived at ten to eight, just as it was getting light.

Odd birds are occasionally seen in Felbrigg Park or along the Cromer Ridge but a winter flock of this size is really something pretty special.

Hawfinch – on the edge of Mallett’s Meadows




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