Aylmerton Nature Diary

Monday 6th February

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Water Rail, Scarrow Beck

After my early morning vigil at the allotment yesterday, I walked a loop through Felbrigg Park, along the Weaver’s Way to Lower Gresham and returned via the Stone Cross. There were a few birds of interest along the way, starting with the obliging Water Rail, busy feeding in Scarrow Beck, just inside the back gate. The usual assemblage of wildfowl were on the water meadow and lake but I couldn’t find any Shoveler. Marsh Tit were calling along the western edge of the lake. On my way back from Gresham, a pair of Mistle Thrush were at the Stone Cross and eight Buzzards, engaged in display flights, drifted slowly west. In the afternoon I strayed outside the NENBC recording area, in search of a few much needed Norfolk Year Ticks, click link for details.

Another shot of this obliging bird in the early morning sun


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