Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 16th February

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Yesterday it was the NENBC mid-week walk in Felbrigg. Over twenty people showed up, on what was supposed to be a nice sunny morning but which, in the event, turned out to be rather wet. The undisputed highlight of the morning came right at the end, as we headed back towards Sexton’s Lodge car park. As we crossed the top end of the Old Deer Park, a flock of finch-like birds flew out of a near-by Birch tree. In the dim light they looked like candidates for Siskin, but they didn’t call as Siskin usually do and as they settled, I could see at least one was a Redpoll. With better views it quickly became apparent that they were all Redpoll, of the cabaret or Lesser variety, depending on your taxonomical disposition. As we studied the somewhat mobile flock, one of the birds stood out as Mealy – slightly larger, greyish tones, brighter wing bars, pink flush to the breast and more noticeable red crown patch. On one occasion, as they flew between the trees, the whole flock gave their characteristic sharp, metallic call. These are the first Redpoll I’ve seen in the park this year.

Pathetic iPhone photo of the Redpoll flock – Felbrigg Park



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