Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 27th May

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Distant Barn Owl, hunting in the early morning sun, over Aylmerton Common

I was up early to do my final Breeding Bird Survey of School Farm – nothing particularly noteworthy except a couple of pairs of Yellowhammer. On my way there two Barn Owl were hunting over Aylmerton Common and, just inside the back gate, a Little Owl was disturbed by a couple of dog-walkers with another calling down by the lake. There was no sign of the Lapwing on the water meadow or the Spotted Flycatcher in the shelter-belt. The ‘bird of the day’, came on my way home when, stood on the dam talking to Andrew, I heard the unmistakeable call of a Greenshank! It flew in from the north, made an abortive attempt to land on the blanket weed – presuming it was grass I guess, before doing a circuit of the lake and disappearing over the trees along the western edge. This is only my second for Felbrigg and one of only a handful of records for the area.

Grab shot of Greenshank over Felbrigg Lake – only my second ever

IMG_0067On Friday afternoon I visited several of the local ponds ‘dragon hunting’. I found, Common, Blue-tailed, Azure, Red-eyed & Large Red Damselfly and Broad-bodied & Four-spotted Chaser, Emperor & Hairy Dragonfly and Black-tailed Skimmer. Not a bad yield for my efforts, on the hottest afternoon of the year so far.

Red-eyed Damselfly



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