Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 30th May



Tufted x Ferruginous Duck hybrids – Felbrigg lake

It’s back – or rather, they are! I was walking past Felbrigg lake this afternoon, on my way to Sustead Common, when two Aytha type ducks flew in. I assumed at first that it would be the pair of Tufted Duck that were on the lake briefly the other day. Then I took a closer look and it now appears that we have two Tufted x Ferruginous type ducks visiting the lake.

Photo of Tufted x Ferruginous, taken from the internet


another shot of the Felbrigg birds

IMG_0074 2

As always, if anyone has an alternative opinion, I’d be pleased to hear it.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 30th May

  1. Hi Trevor me and my dad have been wanring to see the local Spotted Flycatcher in Felbrigg Park but we do not know where the shelter belt is, I was wondering if you could help us out?


    • Hi Michael, The shelter-belt is along the western boundary of the park, between the back gate – opposite the WoodYard, and the lake. Look in the dead oaks, half way along. Trevor


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