Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 3rd June

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An inquisitive Roe Deer on one of our walks in Felbrigg Park

We’ve had Matt , Rosie and the Boys staying with us for the past few days which is the reason for reduced postings. We did manage a few walks in the park but they’ve been punctuated with tree-climbing, pond dipping and ice creams! There’s been very little of interest bird-wise – the hybrid Tufted x Ferruginous Duck didn’t stay, I haven’t seen the Spotted Flycatcher or the Little Owl for a few days and the male Mandarin appears to have disappeared. However, I did see fresh feather down and a cream-coloured egg in the hole in the oak tree a couple of days ago – which might be this species – all rather odd.


The most interest event was yesterday, following a burst water main on the top road, causing a temporary river to flow down Lion’s Mouth, resulting in minor flooding and increased flow into the water-meadow/lake. Quick action by the Rangers avoiding any real damage, thankfully.

A new river flows through Lion’s Mouth!


Temporary flooding near the Woodyard



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