Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 29th June

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Ringlet – one of very few insects seen this afternoon as the cool, damp weather continues 

The heavy rain over the past few days has done wonders for the garden and allotment but rather dampened down the local wildlife. I saw very few birds on my afternoon walk, through the park to Sustead Common and back, and even fewer insects! I was pleasantly surprised to see on the lake that the female Gadwall has managed to hang on to her lone off-spring for another week. The Mute Swan family remains at full strength with both adults and seven regular young. There were three Mistle Thrush in the rough grazing below the dam and Buzzards patrolling at either end of the park. At Sustead Common there was little of note, just a couple of butterfly species on the wing – Meadow Brown & Ringlet. A noisy Oystercatcher flew over-head and there were several Bullfinch calling to each other – a family party I assume. More Bullfinch in the lane at the edge of the village, on my return home.



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