Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 1st August

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 Unfortunately you rarely see Quail in this country – photo taken from the internet

Just when I was beginning to think it’d all become a little too predictable on the birding front – bam – a calling Quail in the set-aside field behind the village pond this afternoon! I’d decided to go and look for dragonflies at the pond – hopeful of finding Willow Emerald. I was half way along the roadside edge of the pond when I thought I heard a Quail call. I eventually persuaded myself that I must have imagined it, and carried on. I cut through on the path leading back to the set-aside field and it called again. I stopped to listen and it called a third time – no doubts. Unfortunately I’d left home without my phone, so I had to hurry back to text a few people and put it on the NENBC website. I returned shortly before half past three and, over the next half an hour, it called seven times. It was only after then that Phil and then Carol & Ken arrived. Fortunately it did give a couple more calls before falling silent. This was an NENBC and parish tick for me!


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