Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 5th August

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Record shot of Baird’s Sandpiper, Potter Heigham -showing squat posture and distinct pec band (between the Dunlin and Avocet)

A phone call from Phil at lunchtime was enough to tempt me ‘out of area’, to Potter Heigham, for a rare North American wader,  Baird’s Sandpiper. We parked-up at the marina and began walking east along the river bank. After about a mile we were not seeing any other birders and began to think that we were in the wrong location! Scanning with the binoculars we could see a few folk, several fields away, with telescopes and made the assumption that they must be in the right place. We headed in their direction and were within five minutes of the bird when the heavens opened – we were drowned before we reached the location! Fortunately the Baird’s Sandpiper was still in the same spot, even if visibility in the pouring rain was poor. Eventually the bird flew off with Dunlin, landing at the back of the scrape – giving more open but distant views.

Another record shot, showing the pear-shaped posture to good effect



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