Aylmerton Nature Diary

Monday 27th November

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3187.jack snipe (Adrian Foster)

No chance of a photo of the Felbrigg bird – this image is courtesy of RSPB. Jack Snipe are really quite different from Common Snipe – rarely seen well but, with experience, reasonably straightforward to identify

‘Bitter sweet’ is how I’d describe my dawn visit to Felbrigg this morning. We were away at our son’s over the weekend, helping them get straight after moving house, so I wasn’t in a position to respond to the text telling me about a Goosander on the lake yesterday! It was barely light when I got to the water meadow and began searching. Nothing there, as I’d expected, so I moved on to the lake itself, nothing there either – bother! I decided to use the time available by having a look on the rough grazing meadow below the dam, following Simon’s report on Friday of a Jack Snipe. I disturbed about eight Common Snipe as I made my way down to the fence-line and back towards the Weaver’s Way. I’d nearly reached the track when a small, dark snipe sp. shot away from me about ten yards ahead. It didn’t call and kept low before dropping back to the ground and out of view. No distinct white trailing edge to the wing and a short bill confirmed it’s identity as a Jack Snipe – my first for the year. Nothing else of interest on the walk, prior to a rather cold and uneventful day at Cley NWT.


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