Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 3rd December

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Male Desert Wheatear – Eccles on Sea!

Sometimes birds just don’t behave as you’d expect (or hope!). I’ve seen half a dozen or so Desert Wheatear in Britain, most in Norfolk, and all have been pretty confiding – some ridiculously so. But the male at Eccles on Sea this afternoon was anything but obliging – invisible through binoculars, I could hardly see it at the far end of a winter wheat field, through a telescope. On my way back up the lane I bumped into Jake G. and the crew, they were scouring a Redpoll flock for the reported Coues’s Arctic Redpoll. A bird briefly in a Hawthorn hedge was a reasonable candidate. I did manage to get into Felbrigg on my way home but most of the birds had already gone to bed. I did see a Water Rail chase a Moorhen along a fallen log near the viewing screen though!

A candidate for Coues’s Arctic Redpoll – Eccles on Sea


Yesterday the Sustead Common work-party completed the wildlife viewing screen – just a bit of snagging still to do. Follow this link for photos and the full story.


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