Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 19th December

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Felbrigg Hall, in the late afternoon sun. Sometimes, in my haste to look for birds, I forget just what an awesome place this is!

There were no stand-out birds at Cley NWT yesterday – pretty quiet all round actually. This morning we had an impromptu work party at Sustead Common, building a screen to avoid disturbance to the birds on the feeders and putting a cover over the seated area. This afternoon I did manage to get into the park and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. The water meadows and most of the lake were frozen, concentrating the ducks into one relatively small, un-iced, area. I counted 88 Mallard – a bit of a winter peak, whilst Tufted and Wigeon numbers are definitely down. I had good views of two different Water Rail – one around the wet woodland area opposite the viewing screen, the other at the top sluice. No sign of the bird on the Scarrow Beck, just inside the back gate, but a nice Grey Wagtail there. 13 Common Snipe were in the rough grazing meadow below the dam.


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