Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 22nd December

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Bank Vole, beneath the feeding station, Sustead Common – at least I hope that’s the correct id (thanks James!)

Wednesday was the last event in the NENBC 2017 calendar – the Felbrigg mid-week walk. It was a good turn-out – shame that wasn’t true of the birds, with two Little Owl, near the church, being the stand-out sighting of the walk. Yesterday I did a bit more work on the viewing screen at Sustead Common before spending the rest of the morning in Spurrell’s Wood, with Cornel & Peter, refining our habitat management plans for the coming winter work-parties. Full details on the Felbeck Trust website. In the afternoon I was back at the viewing screen for more carpentry before enjoying a glass of wine with Peter & Phillipa. This morning I had the real pleasure of a three hour guided walk with Richard, the Head Ranger, around the Felbrigg estate – visiting parts I’d never been to before! He showed me, long-forgotten roads – closed by previous owners of the Hall, to keep the unwashed public away, a Bronze-age burial mound, old iron smelting and brick making works, the largest Hornbeam in the park, hidden ponds in Bays and Ash valleys  and the site of the tragic incident in 2007 when four school children were crushed under a falling tree. That must have been a terrible time for all those involved. This afternoon I decided to spend an hour actually looking at the wildlife of Sustead Common! There were the regular species coming to the feeder – Blue & Great Tit, Dunnock, Robin, Chaffinch and Blackbird – briefly joined by a Jay. A Tawny Owl called several times from along the hedge and a Kestrel sat motionless in the dead Oak by the entrance to Spurrell’s Wood. But best of all though were the two Bank Vole feeding on the spilled seed, underneath the feeders. A mammal tick for the site I think.


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  1. Happy Christmas. Thanks for all the diary posts that are always interesting Bob Selby

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