Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 9th January

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Record shot, in poor light, of three Hawfinch – Felbrigg Park

The day started well with an early walk through Felbrigg Park. We spent ten minutes or so opposite the Orangery but to no avail, so we wandered towards the car park. Looking through the gap between the Hall and the stable-block I noticed three chunky birds sat atop an Oak tree on the edge of the Old Deer Park – Hawfinch, ‘yes’! Fuelled by this success we continued down towards the church to look for Little Owl. We didn’t have to try hard – there was the usual bird, sat in one of the holes in the dead tree, and another hiding in a small Oak nearby – it’s presence betrayed by an alarming Blackbird. On to the lake, where the number of Tufted Duck has crept up to 32, including the two hybrids. On the water meadows a lone male Shoveler was a nice addition to the Felbrigg Year List, as were the two Shelduck, which flew straight through, heading north. By the time I’d loaded the reports on the Bird Club website, my NENBC total for 2018 was 98 –  just two short of the ton!

One of two Little Owl this morning – can you spot it at the entrance to it’s hole?


Male Shoveler on the water meadows


Two Shelduck flew over, heading north


I headed off to the coast, passing Cromer Golf Course on my way. It would have been rude not to pay my respects to the assorted Redpoll and the obliging Iceland Gull, which was strutting it’s stuff on the fairway behind the maintenance sheds. Acceptable views of all three Redpoll… I think! On to Happisburgh, where I failed to find any of the reported interesting small birds. Back to Weybourne where two flocks of Curlew were a welcome addition to the list. I was just on my way back to the car park when two small birds flew down to drink at one of the cliff-top pools. I lifted my binoculars and was amazed to find that they were Twite – showing their ‘give away’ yellow bills. They disappeared east just as quickly as they had arrived. Twite are never easy in the Club area so I was pleased to get them under my belt for the year.

The long-staying Iceland Gull at Cromer Golf Course


Twite, seen in the gloom, at Weybourne this afternoon – my 100th NENBC tick for 2018



One thought on “Tuesday 9th January

  1. 4th January 10 am Saw two foxes running through my garden at the back and over the gate into the front garden, a few minutes later one fox returned into the back and under the fence into another garden. One fox wasrunning on three legs holding one paw up. Having moved to Beechwood Avenue in 1996 these are the first foxes I have seen, often get muntjac though.


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