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Tuesday 16th January

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Waxwing, one of three, Barford Road, Sheringham, this afternoon

For a non-birdy day – I seem to have spent most of my time indoors, keeping warm and doing ‘office work’, I’ve seen some really nice stuff! I was down at the Felbrigg Woodyard before it got light this morning, sorting out delivery of some timber to Sustead Common at the weekend. It was just getting light when I reached the Hall and started to look for Hawfinch. There was no sign of any around The Orangery but eventually I did find a single bird semi-hidden in an Oak behind the Hall. There was nothing of any particular note on the lake but I did hear at least two Song Thrush in full voice – another sign of Spring! This afternoon I had to go to the shops, so stopped-off at Tesco to look for Waxwing. I strolled around to Barford Road and quickly spotted them on their favourite telegraph pole, occasionally dropping down into a nearby garden to feed. Whilst getting my fill of these truly gorgeous birds, Simon told me about two Barnacle Geese on the golf course at Cromer which he’d seen this morning. I decided to have a crack at them, as one of a handful of glaring omissions on my NENBC List. I parked up at the practice ground and walked down the footpath towards the sea. The 1st winter Iceland Gull was immediately obvious, feeding on the 4th and the Barnacle Geese were on the opposite fairway! All in all, a pretty good non-birding day!

Barnacle Goose, an NENBC tick – probably of feral origin, but who knows


Iceland Gull – still present on the 4th fairway, Cromer Golf Course!


another shot of these absorbing birds, showing the ‘drops of sealing-wax’ on their wings



One thought on “Tuesday 16th January

  1. Thats quite a non-day, Trevor. Very envious!


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