Aylmerton Nature Diary

Monday 12th February

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The Lonelyleap film crew preparing for the evening shoot

Lonelyleap film productions have been with us all week-end doing a short film about inter-generational birding for the National Trust, based on Felbrigg. There were five in the crew plus the NT photographer. They arrived on Friday night, filmed all day Saturday, until after ten at night, started again at seven yesterday morning and had finished by early afternoon. The weather was mostly overcast or raining with strong winds and Baltic temperatures. The sun did come out for us briefly yesterday at Sustead Common. They were a delightful bunch, very professional – great with Patrick and Noah. The finished article should be ready by the end of the month.

We did actually manage to see a few birds whilst doing the various shoots, including with the Loose-enders Group on Saturday morning. Mostly regular stuff, but Marsh Tit behind the Hall, Wigeon on the lake and a flock of Golden Plover over the sheep pastures yesterday, were of note. At Sustead Common, luckily, there were birds everywhere! On the way back from dropping Jake and Noah off at Kings Lynn bus station, Pat and I saw four different Barn Owl – two in the NENBC recording area. An interesting but exhausting weekend. Off for a stint at Cley NWT today.


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