Aylmerton Nature Diary

Tuesday 3rd April

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Pochard, 2 males & a female – Felbrigg Lake. My first here in well over a year!

The Easter long weekend was a total wash-out, literally – it rained continuously for most of the four days. We did manage to get into the park briefly on Saturday afternoon but had to beat a hasty retreat when we got caught in a heavy downpour. As a consequence, very little has been achieved on the birding front. Things weren’t a lot better at Cley NWT yesterday, with constant drizzle and very few birds. A colour-ringed Great black-backed Gull – too distant for me to read the numbers but possibly the bird ringed in Southern Denmark in 2010 and later seen in Germany, was the high-light. Today has been the first dry weather for ages and I did manage a brief walk in Felbrigg. The undoubted high-light of which were the three Pochard – one female and two males, on the lake. My first here in well over a year. I was well pleased. Other birds of note included at least one Red Kite drifting over the Great Wood and Aylmerton Common, Little Grebe ‘singing’ near the reed-bed and a dozen or so Teal and Tufted – including one hybrid amongst them. Several Chiffchaff were singing around the estate but still no sign of any other Spring migrants!

Red Kite over Felbrigg Great Wood and Aylmerton Common



One thought on “Tuesday 3rd April

  1. Think you’ve pinched the Pochards from Hampton – I can’t find them anywhere!


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