Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 13th April

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IMG_4300First Willow Warbler in Felbrigg this morning – this species has become a scarce passage migrant in the park nowadays 

We’ve been cloaked in mist and drizzle since before the weekend but, despite the weather, Spring migrants are still managing to creep in. This morning I had my first singing Willow Warbler in Felbrigg – between the viewing screen and the dam. It was briefly joined by another phyllos, which may have been a second individual or, possibly, a territorial Chiffchaff. It was WeBS count day today (which I’m doing early), the highlights of which were three Little Grebe, two Tufted x Ferruginous hybrids in with the Tufteds and two Oystercatcher which landed on the water meadow. There were a couple of Swallow hawking over the lake and a noticeable ‘passage’ of Meadow Pipit – I counted at least 27 going through. There’s still a large mixed flock of Redwing (60), Starling and Fieldfare (5) between the lake and the Hall and a group of gulls on the sheep pastures, including 60 Common still, a few Herring and, interestingly, three Lesser Black-backed’s. A single Hawfinch was in the trees behind the stable block. The Roe Deer are getting bolder all the time, I watched four feeding this morning at close-quarters.

Roe Deer, nonchalantly feeding with it’s head through the barbed wire! 


Post Script: Simon took this photo of a superb a male Stonechat at Felbrigg today, it’s sporting a number of characteristics of rubicola – the mainland European race.


I did see the bird this morning – honest! but I was in a bit of a hurry to follow it up. Friday 13th, unlucky for some! Anyway, a nice Spring record Simon.


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