Aylmerton Nature Diary

Thursday 11th October

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Checking and cleaning out nest-boxes yesterday at Spurrell’s Wood

I spent yesterday afternoon with Helen, my able assistant, finishing checking and cleaning out the nest-boxes in Spurrell’s Wood. During our Felbeck Trust National Nest-box Event, back in February, we’d made and erected over 60 nest-boxes. In a year when summer migrants and resident breeding birds have struggled somewhat, it was pleasing to discover that nearly half the boxes showed some kind of activity – either roosting, prospecting, ‘starter’ nests, etc and thirteen had completed nests, indicating successful breeding. One box containing an unhatched egg and another two dead fledglings – which is par for the course with this activity. Still, assuming that most pairs were double-brooded, that probably equates to 150 – 200 fledged youngsters in the season. That would certainly explain why our bird-feeders have been particularly busy this Summer! Not all the boxes were occupied by avian species however – two still have active Hornet nests in them! It’s all wildlife and biodiversity!

Evidence of occupation – probably Blue Tit. Not sure where the red wool came from?


Not all boxes were used by avian species – two had Hornet nests in them!



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