Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 26th October

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Little Owl at dusk, Felbrigg Park

I went back into the park on Wednesday, late afternoon. There’d been an unconfirmed sighting of NUTCRACKER over Cromer – the bird thought possibly to be heading in the Felbrigg direction! Needles and haystacks come to mind, but at least I made the effort! There is an historic record of Nutcracker in the park – back in the last ‘invasion year’ of 1968, and there has been a reported build-up of birds this autumn on the Continent, so it is possible. The only one I’ve seen in the UK was in deepest Staffordshire somewhere – the bird was so unbothered by it’s human admirers that, at one point, it walked between my tripod legs! Anyway, no Nutcracker on this occasion but I did see the Ring Ouzel on the water meadows again and, as dusk approached, Little Owl in the Oak by the dam, with Tawny Owl calling from Common Plantation and, on my way home, Barn Owl hunting over Aylmerton Common. Its been a while since I had a ‘three Owl’ day. Yesterday was given over to Bird Club stuff, culminating in our Indoor meeting and an excellent talk by our outside speaker Aldina Franco.

If you are in the park and come across this handsome guy – PLEASE do let me know! 


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