Aylmerton Nature Diary

Friday 25th January

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Wildfowl clustered around the only patch of open water – Felbrigg Lake

The cold weather continues. The lake and water meadows in the park remain frozen and the hungry birds are emptying the feeders at Sustead Common as fast as I can fill them. I did have a walk out yesterday afternoon but, as has been the case lately, birds were hard to come by. All the wildfowl were clustered around the small open area of water – mostly Mallard, Teal & Gadwall, with a couple of Wigeon adding interest. Still no unusual diving ducks though. On the rough grazing below the dam I was pleased to see that the male Stonechat is managing to survive – I couldn’t see the female but I think she’s also been reported recently. There were also a couple of Snipe and a small flock of Meadow Pipit in the vicinity. Bullfinch numbers remain high along the western shelter-belt and up The Street – I counted eight again yesterday.

I wonder how long this poo-bag is going to adorn the fence behind The Forge – why do people do it?



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