Aylmerton Nature Diary

Sunday 10th February

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With all the over-night rain, the winter scrape at Sustead Common has filled up nicely!

Yesterday I was running a Waders & Wildfowl workshop at Cley NWT. We did a bit of ‘theory’ in the morning and then, after lunch, we braved the elements – westerly winds gusting up to fifty mph – to put what we’d learned into practice. Actually, we did surprisingly well just sitting for a couple of hours in the central hides. We saw five species of geese – including Barnacle & White-fronted – and had plenty of time to study the finer points of duck, gull, wader and raptor identification. This morning I was with the Felbeck Trust volunteers erecting nest-boxes on West Beckham Green, in support of the BTO’s National Nest-box Week. See the latest FT blog post for more details. As I was collecting the nest-boxes from Spurrell’s Wood, there was a Song Thrush in full song and a Blue Tit prospecting one of the boxes – Spring may not be too far away.


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