Aylmerton Nature Diary

Saturday 12th December

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Part of a mixed flock of Siskin & Redpoll, feeding in Alder, Felbrigg

First time in the park for over a week, owing to the fact that we’ve been in the Algarve on a short birding trip – for a brief account and a few photos, follow this link.

There were the usual assortment of hedgerow birds down the lane, including a couple of Bullfinch. Just inside the back gate a dark-looking Barn Owl flew up from a perch and landed on one of the old wooden tree guards. We watched it fly from low perch to low perch before it headed across the water meadow and up into an Ash tree. There was  the usual gathering of dabbling ducks on the water meadow but nothing new here, or on the Lake. From the top sluice path we could hear Siskin and then we saw a small flock feeding in the nearby Alders – we went to take a closer look. There were nearly fifty birds, including a handful of Lesser Redpoll. We spent the next half hour checking for Woodcock in their usual winter haunts, but to no avail. There was little to detain us on our journey home.


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