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The last post – hello to CNN

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The AND last post….

After 20 years local birding from our rural cottage in Aylmerton and, since September 2014, blogging about my wildlife encounters, it’s time to move on. From today I’ll be posting on a new site Cromer Nature Notes. As in it’s previous incarnation, most of my posts will be about wildlife and conservation in the area local to our home – now mainly, though not entirely, focused on the parish of Cromer with Suffield Park, and the adjacent parishes of Northrepps, including Overstrand, Sidestrand & Trimmigham, Felbrigg and Roughton, Aylmerton and The Runtons, including Beeston Regis. All destinations walkable from Cliff Avenue. The map under ‘Locations’ provides more detail – currently under construction. For ease of access I’ve incorporated a link on the Home Page which will take you straight back to historic postings on the AND website. As now, journeys further afield – when permitted- will continue to appear on Trevor On Tour

As we move into a new year – hopefully one where we will begin to get on top of the covid pandemic – it will be interesting to see if the general shift in focus towards community, sustainability and the environment will be maintained. Covid restrictions have forced us all to stay at home more and, as a consequence, explore areas close-by – rather than travelling further afield. This has led – at least on a temporary basis – to a renewed interest in ‘local patch’ birding. Let’s hope that this trend continues. In that spirit, my NENBC New Year Birding Challenge tomorrow will be done entirely on foot. Doubtless I’ll see fewer species than in previous years – and any total I achieve will be overtaken by the gorilla twitchers who will, inevitably, remain in our midst – but at least it will be compliant with covid guidance and feel more in tune with the moment.

Watch out for the highlights on my CNN blog.. I hope you’ll join me.

One thought on “The last post – hello to CNN

  1. Congratulations on keeping us informed and entertained over the past 20 years. Looking forward to the next chapter. With love, Bry


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